Membership FAQ

Can I be a member?

Yes! Anyone interested in the sedimentary geology of the Rocky Mountain Region can be a member. We are a welcoming, inclusive organization.

Do I need to Live, work, or conduct research in the Rocky Mountain Region?

No. We welcome members from around the world, regardless of where they live, work, or conduct research.

Do I need to be a professional Geologist?

No. We believe that a public that is interested in and informed about geoscience is good for geoscience. We exist to further that goal.


Do I need a geoscience education or degree?

No. Although most of our activities assume a fairly high understanding of geoscience, we are all here to learn and there is always someone nearby who would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Occasionally, we offer activities that are of more general interest.


Do I need to also be a member of The Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM)?

No. Although there are many benefits of membership in our “parent” organization and we encourage you to consider joining it, RMS-SEPM is a legally independent organization and we do not require membership in any other entity.


Are there different levels of membership?

No. All members are at a single membership level. We do offer a discounted annual membership for students.


Can I be turned down for membership?

No. As long as you provide accurate contact information and pay the stated fee, your membership application will be approved!