2014 Scholarship Award Winners

Donald L. Smith Research Grant

1. Evan Jones, Colorado School of Mines, Characterizing the Response of Fluvial Systems to Extreme Early Eocene Global Warming Events: A Petrographic Analysis of the Wasatch and Green River Formations, Uinta Basin Utah.

Edwin D. McKee Grant:

1. Kellie Kerner, New Mexico Tech, Relationship of Sedimentary Facies to Architecture of Faulted Nonconformitiesw: Implications for Induced Seismicity

2. Preston Scott Cook, Brigham Young University, Detailed facies analysis and sequence stratigraphic framework for the Preuss Sandstone in Wyoming, Utah and Idaho

Fluvial Sedimentology Award:

1. Jianqiao Wang, Colorado School of Mines, Fluvial megafans, their facies, architecture and reservoir prediction

2. Natalie Hollis, Idaho State University, Tracing the Stansbury Uplift with Detrital Zircon Signatures