Speaker Archive: 2006

January 2006

William C. Ross | GeoGraphix

Searching for Sub-Seismic Resolution Features in Mature Basins: Log-Based Sequence Stratigraphy of the Fox Hills and Lewis Formations

February 2006

No Presentation

March 2006

Yuval Bartov, Dag Nummedal | Colorado Energy Research Institute - Colorado School of Mines

The Basin Fill History of the Green River Formation in the Piceance Creek Basin, CO

April 2006

Kitty L. Milliken | University of Texas at Austin

Reservoir Quality Assessment: Petrography as a Tool for Deciphering Kinetically-dominated Systems and the Need for Petrographic Education

May 2006

Robert E. Zilinski Jr, Donna M. Goldstein |
Western Gas Resources Inc.

Paleotectonic Controls and their Relationship to Wyodak Coal Deposition and Production in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

September 2006

R.W. Dalrymple | Queen's University

Where Does the Mud Go? The Dispersal of Mud From Rivers and the Stratigraphic Implications

October 2006

Steve Cumella | Bill Barrett Corporation

Relationship of Marine Sandstones, Coals, and Fluvial Architecture, Mesaverde Group, Piceance Basin, Colorado

November 2006

Piret Plink-Bjorklund | Colorado School of Mines

Wave-to-Tide Process Change in a Campanian Shoreline Complex, Chimney Rock Tongue, Wyoming/Utah