September 2017: Ali Jaffri

Ali Jaffri | Applied Stratigraphix

Our Belief in Benches; Will it Ever Go Away? A Sequence Stratigrapher's Perspective on Layer-Cake Stratigraphy



Exxon made sequence stratigraphy mainstream almost forty years ago. Almost every asset-team geoscientist has probably seen the drastically different results produced from lithocorrelation versus chronocorrelation of well logs. Despite knowing this, we as an industry continue to perpetuate the myth of layer-cake stratigraphy. The focus on unconventional resource plays has made the use of benches more rampant than ever before. This presentation covers some reasons why we continue with practices that we know are inherently wrong. Through real-world examples from clastic and carbonate reservoirs, this talk focuses on why it has become increasingly important to correlate logs in a manner that is most conducive to delineating reservoir geometry.


Dr. Ali Jaffri has over eighteen years of experience in sedimentology and stratigraphy projects that range from leading geology field trips, seismic stratigraphy for prospect evaluation, facies geomodeling, and description of over 3 kilometers of core on a cm-scale. He has expertise on a variety of basins including the North Sea, Lower Indus Basin, Barents Sea, Offshore East and West Africa, Taranaki Basin, Offshore Mid-Norway, Kohat-Potohar Basin and several US onshore basins. Dr. Jaffri is equally proficient in carbonates and siliciclastics because his doctoral dissertation focused on the sequence stratigraphy of mixed systems. In 2012, Dr. Jaffri founded Applied Stratigraphix, which in just five years has a client base that comprises of 27 companies from majors to small independents across the globe.