February, 2019: Marshall Deacon

February 26, 2019: Luncheon Lecture

New insights and discoveries of the Permian Lyons sandstone, DJ Basin, Colorado

Marshall Deacon
Edge Energy Inc.

Biography: Marshall Deacon

Originally from western Oregon, Marshall followed in his fathers’ footsteps and studied geology at Oregon State University. Having enough of volcanic rocks, he moved on to graduate school at Northern Arizona University to study fluvial and eolian strata on the Colorado plateau. First job took him to the North Slope of Alaska and Prudhoe Bay and then to Norway and the North Sea. Arriving in Denver during the downturn of ‘98 led to some challenging times but has kept busy working exploration and development for Encana, Bonanza Creek, and Noble Energy and now with a small outfit out of Golden – Edge Energy. He spends most of his geology time on the Cretaceous source rocks and reservoirs of the DJ Basin but any sedimentary rock with a good outcrop is hard to pass up.