Speaker Archive: 2007

January 2007

Donna Anderson | Colorado School of Mines & EOG Resources

Turbidites in the Western Interior Cretaceous Seaway: The Known and the Possible

February 2007

Marian J. Warren | EnCana Corp.

A High-Impact Gas Discovery in a Maturing Basin (Western Canada)

March 2007

David R. Pyles | Chevron Center of Research Excellence, Colorado School of Mines

Integrating outcrop and subsurface data to define regional and reservoir-scale patterns in the Lewis Shale and Fox Hills Sandstone of the Great Divide and Washakie basins, Wyoming

April 2007

Edmund R. "Gus" Gustason, Marshall Deacon, and Colleen Sherry
El Paso Corporation | EnCana Oil & Gas | Kerogen Resources

Resource Potential of Fine-grained Source Rocks, Wattenberg Gas Field, Denver Basin, Colorado

May 2007

Mark D. Sonnenfeld and Donna S. Anderson
Whiting Petroleum Corp., EOG Resources and Colorado School of Mines

Approaches to Stratigraphic Cross-Section Construction

September 2007

Mark D. Sonnenfeld, Michael P. Dempsey, Hai-Zui Meng, and Stephen O. Norris
Whiting Petroleum Corp. | EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. | iReservoir.com, Inc. | J-W Operating Company

3D Geomodeling of Heterogeneous Fluvial Reservoirs of the Williams Fork Formation, Mamm Creek Field, Piceance Basin, CO

October 2007

Mary J. Kraus | Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado

Using multiple paleosol proxies to interpret paleoclimate change: The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in Wyoming

November 2007

No presentation