Speaker Archive: 2011

January 2011

Donna S. Anderson | EOG Resources, Inc. & Colorado School of Mines 

Stratigraphy and Depositional Controls on the Juana Lopez Member of the Mancos Shale, southeastern Uinta basin, Utah

February 2011

Mason Dykstra | Colorado School of Mines

Deepwater Tidalites: Modern Occurrence and Ancient Preservation

March 2011

Paul Myrow | Colorado College

Depositional Dynamics of a Highstand Prodeltaic System in the Pennsylvanian Minturn Formation of the Central Colorado Basin: Deposits of Wave-Influenced Turbidity Currents

April 2011

Andres Aslan | Mesa State University

The Role of Avulsion During Valley Filling: Examples From the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast

May 2011

Steven T. Hasiotis | University of Kansas

Continental Ichnology: Interpreting Paleoenvironments, Sedimentation Rate, Paleosol Formation, Paleohydrology, and Paleoclimate

September 2011

Jeffrey A. May & Donna S. Anderson | EOG Resources, Inc

Mudrock Reservoirs-Why Depositional Fabric & Sequence Stratigraphic Framework Matter

October 2011

Michael Dolan | Dolan Integration Group

Constructing Regional Maturity Maps for Unconventional Success

November 2011

Ed LoCricchio | Cordillera Energy

Stratigraphic Framework and Controls on Pennsylvanian Granite Wash Production, Anadarko Basin, Texas and Oklahoma